Special Projects
At the historical society, we dedicate ourselves to protecting and documenting Arvada's history and the special people and places associated with it. Below are our current special project websites where you can learn about what we do to preserve Arvada's unique history.

Our hub for all of Arvada's history, including artifacts, photographs, archives materials, historic properties and a variety of other resources available for all visitors and researchers.

Come take our custom made tours online, soon they'll feature tours such as walking along the old tramway routes, exploring historic neighborhoods and much more.

One of our most recent projects is our .04 trolley car restoration project, which will end in the public display of the trolley car somewhere in or near Olde Town Arvada - for all to see a key piece in Arvada's history.

Our site dedicated to the history of one of the key communities that helped Arvada grow into the City it is today, we are always expanding our online resource collection as a hopeful resource for all who want to learn about the tiny mining town.